10 Foods That Mistakenly Considered Healthy

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10 Foods That Mistakenly Considered Healthy

Food 2In the wake of a global pursue of a healthy lifestyle seeing concerned people make better choice in the benefit of healthier products, we decided to write this article focusing on that variety of food choices that only bear words like “healthy”, “natural” and “fresh” only as merely epithets. Below is the review of those foods you find in a supermarket and generally get misled by what you usually know about them as being good for your body and mind.

1. Whole wheat bread

Not only that this product is abundant with gluten, it is also rich for fructose high syrup that is added to sweeten bread. In fact the amount of syrup is the same as in ordinary white bread. Just make a little investigation, look into bead’s ingredients attentively and you will see how much stuff that does not coincide the with what you consider being good for you starting from sugar and ending with chemicals. An alternative? Make your own bread without sugar and other unwelcome ingredients.

2. Pasteurized fruit juices.

These are just another name for sugar as bottle of juices we can usually find in a supermarket contain an enormous quantity of sugar (how do you like 48 grams per 16 oz?). Besides, the process of pasteurization itself mostly ruins beneficial nutrients. Make your own or look in the bar for a glass of raw just pressed juice.

3. Yogurts with fruits at the bottom.

They are rich for sugar as well generally containing sugar or corn syrup. Starting your day with what you think is a healthy breakfast you risk ingesting up to 30 grams of sugar just at the dawn of a day! And this is a daily norm! Looking for a better option among organic yogurts choose a sugar free product and mix berries you bought separately. Also you should know that milk from a sheet or a goat is far easier to digest than cow’s milk while milk in general is considered to be a product under question having too many cons.

4. Agave.

What we can take from a supermarket shelf is highly processed as a rule. To the extent the liquid in a bottle does not taste much like the agave plant. Besides, agave is abundant with fructose and this component can be responsible for mineral depletion, insulin resistance, liver inflammation and obesity. Substitute agave with coconut sugar  – it takes in 9 percent fructose and  is less processed.

5. Boxed cereals and granola.

Whenever you see these products you might as well consider there’s a box of sugar in front of you.

Making your own muesli is a much better choice, just mix gluten-free ingredients and fresh berries and nuts.

6. Sweets proudly bearing the epithet “gluten-free”.

It is high time to learn for good “gluten-free” does not stand for “healthy”. Most of these sweets contain refined sugar and high-glycemic grains like corn, rice, potato starch. There’s nothing better and healthier than sweet treats made by yourselves of gluten-free high-nutrient flours. Try your hand at baking of coconut or almond flour adding natural sweeteners like raw honey or pure maple syrup.

7. Low-fat crackers.

Apart from the fact these are rich for refined oils, salt, sugar and gluten, they are even less healthy than regular crackers as they contain sugars and chemicals making low-fat crackers taste like regular versions.

8. Enriched water.

It to look into the ingredients of these products you would be puzzled regarding which of the evils is less – sugar or vitamins, both bound in a bottle.

9. Soy milk.

While soy is mostly genetically modified, going for organic soy milk is not the best choice for everyone as soy remains a common allergen and is hard to digest by many people. Besides, organic soy milk is highly processed as well. Alternatives? Try unsweetened coconut oil and almond milk.

10. Non-organic corn or popcorn.

Just like soy, corn is generally genetically modified. If you prefer bags op popcorn made in a microwave beware of the chemicals a bag is abundant with. Its butter is absolutely artificial. Organic popcorn kernels are a much healthier option.

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