Acid In Your Diet Is Linked With Diabetes

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Acid In Your Diet Is Linked With Diabetes

Diabetes 2Reducing acidity through specific diets has its own benefits as touted by celebrities like Victoria Beckham. Now a new study done by French scientists on this subject sheds more light on it and its importance. The scientists studied 65000 women for a long period of 14 years and came to a conclusion that an acidic diet resulted in a 56% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes when compared to a more alkaline diet. In general, the foods that you consume are metabolized and converted into compounds that increase either the acidity or the alkalinity. Such alkaline substances offset acidity. Vegetables and fruits form alkaline substances while animal proteins are highly acid forming. The diabetes connection to this whole thing is through the fact that high acidity can result in improper insulin function thus increasing diabetes. This study proves and reveals the same point as a number of other previous studies- that consuming plant based foods have their own benefits including weight loss, beauty benefits and a better sex life. Even if you are not yet ready to convert to vegan diet full time, you can replace animal based alkaline foods with more plants by trying out these 5 delicious substitutes.

Substitute Minced Mushroom For Ground Meat

This combination succeeds without hitches in a number of dishes like stuffed pepper, tacos and chili. You can also use a grilled juicy Portobello mushroom to replace a burger patty. By doing this you will also increase your Vitamin-D intake which boosts metabolism.

Replace Milk Or Cream In Recipes With Pureed Cauliflower

This works perfectly in dishes like creamy soups, mashed potatoes, casseroles and dips. It is also easy to make as you just need to retain the moisture by steaming the cauliflower before mashing, blending and folding it to form mix. You will increase the intake of filling fiber and natural cancer fighters when you consume this mix.

Use Creamy Avocado In Place Of Dairy Based Dressings

This will work especially if you are tired of oil and vinegar. You can puree avocado with a little apple cider, vinegar, fresh basil leaves, lemon juice, minced garlic and black pepper to obtain a thick creamy dressing. This dressing will taste perfectly with leafy greens and with other chilled side dishes like slaw or a cucumber salad. In addition to the taste, this combination will give you more anti-aging Vitamin E and healthy fats which contribute to healthy waistlines.

Lemony Veggie Broth To Replace Butter

In spite of tasting acidic, lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods, after they are metabolized. You can lightly sauté or steam veggies with organic low sodium vegetable broth after squeezing a couple of wedges of lemon over them. This mixture is full of anti-oxidants that are known for their disease fighting capabilities and immune supporting Vitamin C.

Swap cow’s milk with plant based milk

In recipes like oatmeal, smoothies, sauces and soups where you use cow’s milk, start using unsweetened plant based milk made from sunflower seeds, flax and almonds. These milks make perfect constituents in sweet and savory dishes alike and provide less than half the calories per cup when compared to skimmed milk. The good fats of such milks protect your heart and increases healthy circulation in your body.

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