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Peanuts are the foremost common item for snacks especially in India. India is one among the highest countries after Brazil and china that produces and consumes peanuts. People consume boil it or in raw form or use it as a topping ingredient. It’s commonly added in various dishes and desserts.

There are sorts of peanuts available in market lately. The foremost common amongst all are runner, Virginia, Valencia and Spanish. Explore this text that guides you over health and nutritional benefits of peanuts!

  • It is richest source of vitamin E: Peanuts are loaded with vitamin E. The powerful soluble antioxidant regulates the cell membranes of mucus gland. Moreover its regular intake helps in protecting skin from harmful oxygen free radicals.
  • Good for underweight and body builders: Peanuts are rich in minerals, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins which are really needed for the right functioning of body. It also boosts up energy levels. Additionally to all or any this, peanuts also contain dietary proteins of fine quality amino acids that aids in growth and development of body.
  • Nutritious: Peanuts are richest source of B-complex vitamins like pantothen, folates, riboflavin, B-complex vitamin and thiamin. These vitamins are great for development of brain and also aids in circulation of blood circulation in body. Peanuts are considerably rich in iron and calcium which proves great for bones and formation of red blood cells. You’d be glad to understand that eating roasted peanuts are more nutritious and healthy. Researchers have proved that roasted peanuts have 3 times more nutritional value.
  • It is rich during a ntioxidants: You’d be glad to understand that eating peanuts on day to day helps in reducing the danger of stomach cancer in a big way. It’s poly-phenolic antioxidants namely p-coumaric acid that reduces the probabilities of stomach cancer by reducing the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Also it’s rich in resveratrol (a poly-phenolic antioxidant) which protects against heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s problems, nerve problems, fungal/ viral infections.

  • It prevents cancer: Does one know that peanuts contain beta-sitosterol and phytosterols which protects body from breast, prostate and carcinoma. Also it contains fiber and lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

What are thinking now? Do include peanuts in your regular diet to remain healthy. But if you suffer from problems of thyroid, kidney and gallbladder, do avoid intake of peanuts in your diet.

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