Essential Things You Should Look for in Home Insurance

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Essential Things You Should Look for in Home Insurance

Your house is important to you, and likely the largest financial investment you will ever make. You want to protect your residence, and home insurance is a safe bet if you know what to look for. Learn how to benefit the most with this type of coverage.

Natural Disasters

Check with your city zoning committee to see if your residence is located in an area that is known for floods, tornadoes, or another kind of natural disaster. You want to make sure your home insurance covers these types of damages, especially if you live near a river, lake, or in a known hurricane or tornado area. This coverage adds additional cost to your premium but is well worth it. Without this kind of protection, you may have to replace your roof or clean water damage out of your own pocket.

Additions to Your Property

If you have a fireplace or a pond in your backyard, you want to make sure your home insurance covers these additions. Fireplaces are a risk and should be included in your premium. Ponds should be added on as well since they are often considered a flood risk. A swimming pool poses a health hazard, so make sure this is also noted in your premium. You don’t want to leave any area of your residence without proper protection, especially when they are not considered standard for a house.


If you have a security system, fire alarms, fenced yard, and floodlights, your home insurance should reflect these extra precautions. Your agent should reward these safety measures by offering you a lower premium. Seek an agency that will allow you to have a reduction in your premium amount for having these precautions installed. Also, make sure they are noted as part of your premium when you first obtain this kind of protection for your residence.

Replacement Value

The replacement value of your house should be included in your policy. This is the cost to rebuild your property from scratch, not the current market value. You should know this number and can increase your premium by a few dollars every month if you feel you need to increase the dollar amount for the replacement of your residence. It’s safest to have the most coverage possible rather than trying to save a few dollars along the way.

Your property is very valuable to you, and having excellent home insurance means personalizing your coverage as much as possible. Make an appointment with your agent to go over your current policy to make sure it includes all the natural disaster, additions, and other issues that may arise in your home. You need reassurance that your property will be protected in all ways, and the best way to do this is to go over your policy in full. Your friendly agent will work with you to make sure you have access to all the protection you need, so you can feel safe in your house at all times.

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