Important to Detoxify Your Liver

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Why is it Important to Detoxify Your Liver?

Detoxify liver 2Our liver plays a vital role in most of the metabolic processes especially detoxification. It goes through various complex chemical reactions and detoxifies all the harmful substances in it. It becomes critically important to protect the liver and keep it detoxified of all the micro-organisms.

Today almost fifty percent of people are suffering from fatty livers. This is commonly seen in the people of the age over fifty. The healthy liver helps converting all these fat soluble toxins into water soluble substances which are further excreted through urine out of the body. It may be changed into bile useful in digestion as per the chemical characteristics of the end product. These toxic chemicals are mainly far soluble i.e. soluble in oily or fatty substances solely and not in water. It is difficult for the body to excrete such products as it is. And the liver helps in doing so.

Causes for liver detoxification:

Poor diet is the main cause for liver detoxification. Other reasons may be excessive alcohol intake, reactions of various drugs and toxic chemicals or viral hepatitis. Do not intake food prepared in unhealthy conditions and by the people who have various bacteria, viruses and parasites on their body. Especially meat that is not fresh is the bundle of such germs which can harm your liver badly.

Ways to detoxify liver:

The liver filter helps you be free of various micro-organisms as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites from the blood stream. It is greatly essential as you’ll not want all these harmful things to enter your body and harm it. Although these may enter your body through various sources but it is mainly through unclean water in most of the cases. So, to keep yourself safe, boil water at least for 5 minutes before consumption or drink bottled water.

The fatty tissues of the body may keep on adding various toxins from years which are only released during exercising or fasting. It is very crucial to dissolve them to keep your liver detoxified but you may experience headaches, stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and palpitations while doing so. Otherwise it may result in poor health and various chronic infections in long run. You may also discover cancer due to unhealthy liver. Your liver is very important to having a healthy immune system. This is the main reason why it is important to keep the liver detoxified.

Keep your intestines moving regularly and intake high fiber food to sweep off the walls. Change your dietary plan time to time adding certain nutrient supplements and helping your liver to function better always. There are certain natural compounds found in food which are strongly ‘lipotropic’ i.e. can hugely remove fat from your liver. Amino acid methionine called Sadenosyl Methionine protects liver from various harmful chemicals. It is essential to be passed through the liver to make it detoxified and to function in a natural manner. It also increases the bile flow which is essential for the digestion of fats and for fat absorption as well.

So, to avoid any chronic illness and to improve over all body functioning keep your liver detoxified by consuming healthy food.

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