Is the Teenage Stage Really that Hard?

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Is the Teenage Stage Really that Hard?

teenage2Teenage age is one of the important stages in our lives, this is the stage when one either molds his life or destroys it and with the many challenges one faces being at this critical age, one finds himself in so many difficult situations. As parents you really need to understand what your child is going through at this adolescent age. As a young adult you go through many changes that pose challenges to you and with the right kind of guidance you will make the right kind of choices. Teenager’s go through several changes, physically, emotionally and mentally and as a parent you need to understand the changes that your child is going through.

First, teenagers experience a lot of physical changes. The body alterations are many and one really needs to know how to handle them. The transition to adulthood is difficult and you need to explain to your kids who are going through this stage how to handle the physical changes that they go through. Girls go through a few changes which include enlargement of breast, starting of periods, growth of pubic hair and other small changes. As a mother you need to talk to your daughter and mind you do not ignore your female child’s problems, just give her a hand to go through the crucial period together.

Talk to your teenage kids, explain to them why they are going through all those changes and also explain to them what they need to do to accommodate these alterations. As a father you can understand your son as no one else, your male child going through depending of voice, broadening of shoulders and pubic hair growing.

Apart from physical alterations your teenage kid is much subjected to emotional changes. The hormones changes that occur during this stage are so many that they affect the mood changes. Mood swings are one of the main changes that affect children and without the right kind of counseling or guidance this is one of the reason parents and their teenage children start drifting, it’s all because of misunderstanding. Emotions get high and if the teenager does not get someone who understands them they might start indulging in other extra activities which may not be good at all. So as a parent talk to your children and explain to them what they are going through and also listen to them, give them the right choices and solutions.

Another difficult thing that as a teenage that you may face are social changes, which will also determines the future of the child.

There are many social changes that may affect how the youth is growing. Depending with the environment you are, either schools, home or maybe with friends. There certain problems that may cause isolation of peer-pressure but as long as we as parents provide the necessary advice to the children you are able to help you child make the right kind of options in life. With more things that teenagers go through, you may end up destroying your life if you do not have the right kind of support and guidance. As parents make sure to really be there for your children.

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