Kidney Stones Connected to Heart Diseases

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Kidney Stones Connected to Heart Diseases in Women

Kidney2A new study that was recently published states that those women who develop kidney stones are likely at a much higher risk of developing heart diseases. However, the study also reports that the same results do not apply to men, and researchers who carried out the study aren’t really sure as to why that is. However, they gave a tentative reason stating that it is highly likely that the cause is due to the hormonal differences between men and women, while another reason that has been reported is due to the differences in calcium metabolizing.

A famous nephrologists who works at the Columbus Gemelli Hospital in Rome stated that a link between kidney stones as well as the risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases has long been reported, but deep studies which also take in to account numerous different aspects such as medications as well as dietary factors haven’t yet been undertaken. Dr. Petro Manuel Ferraro led the research.

The data that was used in the study was taken from around 46,000 men, all of whom played a part in the in the Health Professionals Follow up Study. On the other hand, around 200,000 women were also examined, all of whom had participated in the Nurses’ Health Study. The research was announced in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Out of more than 240,000 participants who were included in the study, around 200,000 of those already had a history of kidney stones. The researchers also found out over a follow up span of around 24 years for men as well as 18 years for women that almost 17,000 of the participants developed cardiovascular problems.

After additional evaluations were carried out, it was revealed that those women who had been diagnosed with kidney stones in the past were about 30 percent more likely than men to develop cardiovascular problems, undergo heart procedures to unblock arteries in the heart or suffer from a heart attack. The research clearly showed that the connection between kidney stones and cardiovascular problems amongst men was insignificant.

As per the latest results that were revealed by the United States Health and Nutrition Examination, around 10.6 percent of all men have kidney stones, while the figure for women is around 7.1 percent, which is a significantly high number. However, not everybody who has read the research states that it should cause a bigger problem or be a source of alarm to people. An associate professor of urology at the Icahn School of Medicine, located at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, Dr. Michael Palese has stated that even though the information included in the report was reported with pristine detail, it is likely that the figures are slightly biased.

He further stated that previous studies that had been carried out had been unable to provide substantial evidence about the connection between kidney stones and heart diseases, and as such this study might not be the final word.

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