Learning and Development at All Stages in Life

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Learning and Development at All Stages in Life

learning2When you are born your state if mind is still fresh, you don’t know anything except for the natural instinct of who your mother is. So what does make the difference between a new born baby’s brain and that of yours is who is older. For one thing you are more educated, mature and your brain has developed to a higher level than that of a baby’s. Through our life we have gone through many experiences and instances all this new things we encounter through our life teach as something, they make us intellectually grow both physically and emotional and, do not omit it, mentally.

So what do we mean when you say you grow mentally? To do so you have to acquire skills and new information, this is done through learning. Learning is the act of receiving or teaching yourself new things in life be it knowledge, skills or values. With these new benefits to you, you are able to advance in your capacity of comprehending information and carrying out your activities. But learning is hard to imagine without development. Learning automatically brings out development since naturally as humans we thirst for more knowledge forcing us to advance in ways of getting this new information so we develop as time goes by.

Development is actually a wide area to look at, it really depends on the type of development, but all achieve the same goal. Simply development is the advancement of the current state to a better state or the growth of your current state to a better one. Through development, learning has grown to be wider and wider. With a lot of information and knowledge out there to be imbibed, you can’t simple just decide to learn all of it. You have to specify exactly what knowledge you want to adopt, this is where specialization comes in.

Learning and development starts at a tender age. You learn to say “mama” as your first information gained and also begin to walk through being taught, this is a development from your crawling state to a walking state. With so much skill and new knowledge to acquire, schools and other learning institutions were created where an individual can start learning first of all the simple information like communication and mathematical expressions. When you reach a much older age you are given the option of specializing what you find yourself best at. With such advancement in our educational system, new developments and discoveries are found each and every day. This enables the growth of economy, the growth of human lifestyle and apart from that we grow socially.

Eventually with all this new acquirement of new skills and information, we all become unique in what we can do, that’s why when you go to look for employment, your skills are reviewed, you are tested and interviewed, this enabling potential employers to gauge your skills, and if you’re qualified enough you get the job if you’re not, they look for someone better.

Learning and development can never stop. We all compete to show who is better and who is more developed than the other.

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