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Sugar may be a sort of carbohydrate which is found in number of fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Consistent with The Sugar Association Inc., pure sugar or sucrose is very found in sugar cane and sugar beets. You’d be surprised to read that when sugarcane and sugar beets are processed, they will yield approximately 99.95% of pure sugar. Sugar is of course fat and cholesterol free and is employed in preparation of varied baked food items, beverages, soups and marinades by adding varying degrees of sweetness to them.


One teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories. The packets of sugar which are commonly utilized in restaurants only provide 11 calories per packet. Since it contains low calories, it should be consumed carefully only to reduce excessive calorie intake and unwanted weight gain. Consuming a further teaspoon of sugar every day for one year can add up to a weight gains of just about two pounds.


Sugar is formed from sucrose. Sucrose is carbohydrate which is employed by body as its fuel for functioning of varied body systems. Without sucrose, the brain won’t be ready to function during a proper manner. A teaspoon of sugar contains 4.2 g of carbohydrates. A packet of sugar contains only 2.8 g of carbohydrates.


Sugar may be a fat-free food. However, foods items which contain sugar in high amount also are high in fats like lard, butter and shortening. Since these fats are high in saturated and Trans fats, they elevate cholesterol levels in body and increase the danger of heart ailments. It’s therefore important to consume high-sugar and high-fat foods only carefully to market heart health.


Sugar contains no protein. Since protein is required by body for building and repair of cells and muscles in body, therefore it’s indeed important to consume big variety of protein rich food items throughout the day. Food item which are rich in proteins include soy products, beans, meats, fish dairy products and fish etc.

Effect of high sugar intake

Do you know consuming an excessive amount of sugar contributes to cavity as sugar promotes bacterial growth? Eating lot of sugar on regular basis develops cavities therefore one should brush and floss regularly. Sugar is high in empty calories and may cause weight gain and obesity in people which is that the major reason for the occurrence of heart related problem like stroke, cardiac failure, cardiac attacks etc in people.

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