Reasons for Spotting after Periods

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Reasons for Spotting after Periods

Periods 2Periods are the common phenomena of women’s body as well as health. Basically, the menstruation cycle remains for 3 to 5 days and comes after 28 to 25 days, but sometimes it can come late or early which is not a big thing of concern. But after ending your periods if any woman sees any spotting and bleeding or a bloody discharge then this is the thing of concern and do not take it lightly.

If you are having brownish or pinkish spots after your periods for a week or more than that then there are many causes responsible for that like, pregnancy, stress, ovulation, use of birth control ways, hormonal imbalance etc. many doctors suggest that it is normal but if you have excess bleeding then must visit your doctor soon, because it can be the serious matter of health. Let’s check out some reasons for spotting after periods:-


Many studies found that hormonal imbalance and irregular menstruation cycle can cause spotting after periods. Ovulation is the basic cycle which occurs after 10 days of periods, and it is responsible for pregnancy as well and hormonal imbalance can also affect ovulation cycle which can be a reason of spotting, but there is no need to much worry about. If you are having light spotting on your clothes then don’t’ get bothered.


Pregnancy is the most common reason for spotting after periods. If you are having light pinkish or brownish discharge from your vagina then you must do a pregnancy test because it can be the early sign of pregnancy. Many women are not aware of that, you can do pregnancy test at your home, numbers of pregnancy test kits available in the market which are reliable. If the test result is positive then there is no need to worry because it is quite normal.

Birth controlling:

If you are having any contraceptive pills for birth controlling from past time then you can face the spotting after periods. Excess use of pills or misuse of pills can raise the vaginal disorders, like pain and cramping in the lower abdomen as well as bleeding after periods. So if you are using any kind of birth controlling methods then avoid them, and in case of heavy bleeding or pain must visit your doctor without any delay.


Stress or depression can affect your health and body and you can feel the many worse effects of that, it can be a major cause of your hormonal imbalance and irregular periods. If you are feeling stress or anxiety then read some inspirational books, listen some good music, do some yoga and meditation. A simple walking can be helpful, but if you want to get rid of spotting after periods then avoid thinking much.


Many women who are at the last stage of their periods or menopause can have the spotting after periods. This is the time when your body faces many changes and movements, now the estrogen and progesterone hormone are going to in relaxation mode, so spotting can occur between periods or after periods.

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