Reduce The Effects Of Stress With The Best Supplements

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Reduce The Effects Of Stress With The Best Supplements

Stress 2Many people have the feeling of being “stressed out” with all the demands that modern society now puts on us. It is normal to feel that you are stressed occasionally but if you feel this way most of the time it can have serious ramifications to your overall health. It can deplete your body of needed vitamins and nutrients. This opens us up to illness and disease by impairing our immune systems. It can also deplete us of energy and cause us to pack on a few extra pounds. We have accumulate a list of the best supplements that can assist reduce stress and avoid the problems associated with it.


Many associate vitamin C with the prevention of colds and flu. This is not the only function this vitamin provides for us. It is essential in boosting our immune system. This allows us to fight off illness and disease that stress may create. It is also needed for the production of collagen which our body uses to build tissue and healthy bones.


Oxygen is carried throughout our body by red blood cells and iron is essential to the formation of these cells. This provides us with energy and vitality. When you are lacking iron oxygen is not distributed where it is needed and you will experience a feeling of exhaustion. Women have higher requirements for iron than men do. It is recommended they receive 15 mg per day where men should have 9 mg. Having to much iron can damage vital organs so it is recommended that you consult with your doctor.


This is sometimes called the “anti-stress” vitamin because it keeps feelings of anxiety and depression that are associated with stress at bay. It is responsible for regulating the hormones responsible for these feelings. Vitamin B helps us maintain a healthy mind as well as acting as an energy booster aiding us to fight fatigue and build stamina. It is recommended that adults have 5 mg per day. It also aids our immune systems to operate at peak levels.


Many will recognize this as the “sunshine vitamin”. The main benefit for those experiencing stress is that it is responsible for the production of autoimmune system killer cells. These cells destroy harmful bacteria and cells that are infected with viruses aiding in keeping us healthy. There have been several studies lately that have found more than 70% of people in this country and around the world are vitamin D deficient. This is caused by several factors. We now have lifestyles that are not providing us with the necessary exposure to sunlight combined with the overuse of sunscreen. Additionally if you live in a cold whether environment it is difficult to obtain the correct amount of sunlight during winter months. This is the reason that colds and flu is more common during the winter. Vitamin D deficiency can have some serious health consequences. It is recommended that you supplement to bring levels to where they should be. Recommended dosages for adults are 800 to 1000 IU (International Units) per day.

In conclusion, stress can have some very negative health effects if left untreated. It is important try to reduce stressful situations in your life as much as possible. By doing this and understanding the best supplements that can help reduce the affects of stress you can live a much healthier lifestyle.

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