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During pregnancy, women got to take more care of her health for delivering healthy baby. During the various stages of pregnancy, woman’s body undergoes number of pressures; therefore it’s indeed vital to require care of what all you eat. Expectant mothers should enrich their daily diet with foods items rich in vitamins, minerals like fresh fruits and vegetables.

One of the foremost important supplements for pregnancy is folic acid which helps in proper development of baby. If good amount of folic acid isn’t taken by expecting woman in her daily diet, it may result into major birth defects in unborn child. The deficiency of folic acid may result into ectoderm defect, lib defects, tract defects and fewer development of brain and medulla spinalis. To avoid this condition to occur, pregnant women should take around 400 micrograms of folic acid on day to day so as to satisfy the wants of your baby.

All those pregnant women that suffer from anemia should consider taking iron supplements in their diet because it helps in increasing blood production in body and at an equivalent time enhances blood circulation for baby.

Pregnancy supplements

It is vital for ladies get all the vital nutrients during pregnancy for the right growth and development of unborn baby. Since most of the ladies are working lately, they hardly get time to even eat full meal, so to satisfy the wants of nutrients in her body, pregnancy supplements are available handy. But these supplements should be taken supported the body composite of the individual. Thus, one should consult doctor before introducing these supplements in diet. Remember that the over dosage of those supplements may prove hazardous for your baby. A number of the highest pregnancy supplements which are easily available in markets lately are:

  • Iron and zinc supplements: These supplements help in production of cells in an unborn baby during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin D, fluoride and phosphorous: These supplements aids in development of bone process in unborn baby. Also the regular intake of those vitamins strengthens bones of expecting mother and prepares body for delivery process.
  • Vitamin E supplements: Intake of those supplements ensures that the baby isn’t born with low birth weight. It should be noted that vitamin E supplements shouldn’t be taken in high dosage because it can cause stillborn child.

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