Exercises To Tone Your Buttocks

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Top 3 Exercises To Tone Your Buttocks

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To achieve your goals in a month, you should do these exercises every day. At first you start with a 15 minute workout and then increase the duration and intensity.

Most women are not satisfied with their buttocks. Others would like to have larger or more round buttocks while others smaller.

Nevertheless, all want to have tight and toned buttocks as the passage of time, a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can greatly affect their appearance.

In this article we will show you some exercises you can do at home to tone your buttocks in a month.

When you want to tone a muscle, you should do some stretching exercises before starting any exercise. There are several ways to stretch your buttocks.

It is very important to feel the muscle is stretched because during exercise shrinks and this can lead to severe pain or discomfort.

Why controlled breathing is it important?

Another key factor that can maximize the effectiveness of stretching is controlled breathing. Every time you tighten your muscles or exert excessive effort should take a breath.

At the point of maximum effort, you can leave a few seconds without breathing or eliminate all air. Then you take a breath as you return to your original position.

This will make your workout more healthier and more effective.

More tips to tone your buttocks

Pay attention to the following safety tips before starting to exercise:

If you want to see results in a month, try to exercise every day at the same hour. Do these exercises for 15 minutes a day and the switch or to set different dates for each. Gradually, begin to increase the duration and intensity, giving attention to the reaction of our body.

Avoid exercise immediately after eating. Half an hour after exercise, you should consume one serving of healthy proteins which will help develop your muscles. Eat a handful of nuts, a tight boiled egg, energy shakes, oatmeal pancakes, a piece of cheese, yogurt.

Fitness first

The seats are one of the most popular exercises that gymnasts hips and thighs. You can do this exercise standing or with your back resting against the wall. You start with your feet apart along the shoulder.


Open your legs along the shoulders and bend your knees as if you try to sit on a chair, keep your back straight, your abdomen tight and your knees extend beyond your toes. If you seat with your back touching the wall, keep your back straight care it and flat against the wall and health right now. Stretch your arms forward while lowering your body. Slowly get up until you reach the starting position and downloading your hands.


This exercise is just as popular as fast and effectively tones, sculpts and tightens the buttocks. This exercise is done in four, a mat, if possible, to avoid any damage to your knees.


Standing on all fours, straighten your back and your hands and keep your abs tight to prevent strain on the back.

If you feel discomfort in the arms or back, try to rest your elbows. Straighten one leg behind you and start it up and down without touching the ground. That a good tips
Repeat with the other leg and arms.

Exercise third

This exercise is similar to the bridge and is actually useful, although not suffering from lordosis, a condition in which the spinal column is bent forward.


This exercise you can do lying on your back and your legs along the hips. Your arms should be straight, parallel to your body. Very slowly lift your body off the ground using the head, shoulders and legs while the parallel tighten abs and buttocks to get as high as possible. Gradually return to your original position until your whole body is lying on the ground.

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