Hidden Pitfalls of Stress

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Hidden Pitfalls of Stress


It is not a secret dealing with a stressful situation won’t kill anyone if the stress is not prolonged. But once this calamity is your constant companion, beware of serious health problems. Below are some of them.

Stress makes you nervous

The brain sympathetic nerves of a stressed person urge the adrenal glands to release epinephrine (or adrenalin) and cortisol. High level of these chemicals influence memory and learning badly. Also they set you in the mood for depression.

Stress influences work of endocrine system

When dealing with a stressful situation, stress hormones trigger the liver to produce more blood sugar and this is how we get that boost of energy in moments of danger. But if you’re dealing with stress on a long-term basis and if you have sugar issues, say you’re at risk for type 2 diabetes, than it is doubtless you will turn into a card-carrying diabetic due to the high glucose levels.

Stress impairs respiratory system

It is way harder to breathe when you’re stressed: we feel short of breath, start breathing faster and even hyperventilating. Such a strain on the system can make you more vulnerable to upper-respiratory infections.

Cardiovascular issues

Prolonged stress causes narrowing of arteries and raise cholesterol levels and all these will make a chance to get a heart disease stronger.

Stress influences women’s periods

It can shorten or make menstrual cycle longer or stop it at all. Besides, stress makes bacterial vaginosis more probable for a woman and if it’s experienced during pregnancy, a baby may develop asthma or allergies.

Stress impairs immune system

When not prolonged it can help body fight infection boosting immune system. In opposite cases, i.e. on a long-term basis, immune system gets impaired so that you become more susceptible to infections, get worsened condition of skin (hives, eczema, acne), slower wound healing.

Digestive malfunctions

Our digestive functions also suffer from stress that can cause dry mouth, indigestion, nausea and gas. Stimulated muscles of intestines lead to diarrhea and constipation. When you have these symptoms on a regular basis you risk facing irritable bowel syndrome, severe heartburn and ulcers.

Muscles suffer from stress too

To our body stress means dealing with danger. And our muscles tense to deal with the danger. And prolonged stress resulting into constant muscles tension causes headaches and pain in shoulders, neck and back.

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